“I had regular migraines and a feeling of pressure in one eye for a long time, but then it got much worse. I tried many things to relieve the pain including a nerve block but nothing helped. I first saw Lauren Davis at Brain Plus Manual Therapy 10 months ago. A few days after my first session with her, most of the pain went away. Last week, I saw her for a second session because I still had a little bit of pain when I’d wake up. The therapy was similar, very gentle, but I could feel a little pain and then a release during the session. Now there is no pain, just a very mild tenderness in one area. I recommend Lauren Davis if you have migraine or head pain.” Nelly G., El Paso, TX.


“I suffered from severe constant neck pain and very limited neck mobility for 8 months. I was treated by several different practitioners including multiple chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists with no improvement. When I travelled to El Paso recently, the pain was very bad and a local massage therapist referred me to Lauren Davis. After one session, my neck pain had decreased and my daughter exclaimed that she hadn’t seen me move my neck that much in a really long time! I only had time for one more session with Lauren before I continued my trip and I finally returned home last night. I’m so happy to let you know that the improvement I felt with my neck after 2 sessions with you has lasted, even with all the flying I’ve done. I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel to have met you during my trip. It was seriously one of the highlights of my 16 days away. CR, Israel”

Oral Mobility / Breastfeeding problems / Plagiocephaly / Torticollis

“My baby was born by emergency C-section and had to spend six days in
the NICU due to complications. At one month old, my baby was healthy
but unable to breastfeed, primarily because she couldn’t open her
mouth wide enough for her to latch. Also, her head looked higher on
one side and caved in on the other side. The hospital lactation
consultant recommended a couple of different therapists to take my
baby to for help with breastfeeding and to help my baby relax. I chose
to take her to Lauren Davis at Brain Plus Manual Therapy. After one
session with Lauren, my baby is able to open her mouth much wider and
was able to latch for 10 minutes at the lactation consultant class
later that day! The lactation consultant was really surprised to see
how much change had happened in one session. Yesterday, she latched
for 15 minutes and I’m hopeful that we’ve turned the corner with
breastfeeding.         During the session, I did notice that Lauren put her hands on my baby’s head and other parts of her body, but it looked really gentle and my baby didn’t fuss from the therapy. Lauren also pointed out
during the session that one of my baby’s eyes didn’t seem to move
much, but by the end of the session, my baby was using both eyes to
focus. Also, her head is more even.         I recommend Lauren Davis from Brain Plus Manual Therapy if your baby is having breastfeeding or other problems.” CJM, El Paso, TX

“The biggest change I noticed immediately from Lauren treating my baby was head shape. My baby’s fontanel and forehead looked noticeably higher. She did an amazing job. My baby’s flat spot looks and feels so much more contoured and less pronounced. We’ve heard some new sounds when baby babbles as well. Finding someone to treat my son’s flat head in El Paso has not been easy. We asked around and even our chiropractor didn’t know anyone. He has asked for Lauren’s information so he can pass it along to other patients. Thankfully both our doula and midwife referred Lauren to us and spoke highly of her skills. Kirsty G, El Paso 7/2/20”

“My baby was born vaginally at 37 weeks after I was induced for low amniotic fluid and increased fetal breathing rate. Being a new mom is wonderful but it has been challenging to keep up with her care since she chokes frequently during every feeding and projectile vomits afterwards. My baby had many typical breastfeeding problems: clicking, nursing only from one side and multiple latching and releasing frequently during a single feeding. To try to clear up some of these problems, my baby had a tongue-tie clip and two laser frenectomies over a couple of months with no lasting improvements. The pediatric dentist suggested that I try something alternative: craniosacral therapy with Lauren Davis, since she’s seen that Lauren has a high rate of success helping other babies. My baby was 16 weeks old when we saw Lauren at Brain Plus Manual Therapy. During the session, my baby started using her tongue so much more in ways (side to side, up and down) we had never seen her do before. She also started combining sounds in new ways (e.g. instead of saying “Aaah”, the baby now says “Laaah” or other combinations). During the session, the baby latched comfortably on both sides, and now takes fewer bottles each day. Since the session, there are times when there is less projectile vomiting and we are hopeful that this will improve as the baby sorts out how to use her tongue to swallow effectively, now that her tongue is so mobile. My baby had been constipated since birth but was constipated for only one of the past five days since the session with Lauren. She is more flexible and seems much more comfortable; she can even curl up to put her feet near her hands! My baby simply seems content and we think that is awesome!” CJ, El Paso

“Our three children (7 weeks old, 2 years old and 4 years old) all had tongue-tie releases and some had lip-tie releases as well. We were referred to Lauren Davis (Brain Plus Manual Therapy) because she provides craniosacral therapy for individuals who have tongue-tie and other related issues and because she will work with all ages including toddlers. We brought all of our kids for therapy at the same time. Lauren worked with the youngest while the baby was laying on the massage table. The older children were more comfortable being worked on while they were sitting (or sleeping) in an armchair, or even on a parent’s lap. Lauren was able to gently work with the kids and encourage them to try new things and to be comfortable with what she was doing so that they were ok with Lauren doing work inside their mouths using her gloved finger. We really appreciate that Lauren was able to accommodate us to make it a low stress appointment.” SR, New Mexico