I enjoy working with people of all ages — newborn through adult! The light touch manual therapies I use can help children relax deeply so their bodies can heal. I use a pressure of approximately 5 grams (the weight of a nickel).

During the session, a parent or guardian must be in the room and children remain fully clothed. Newborns and young babies may be worked on while they are lying on the massage table, or while being held in their parent’s or my arms. Toys are available for toddlers and younger children to play with while I work on them. Older children generally relax on the table during a session, similar to adults.

Manual therapy is by appointment only, in my home office. The initial session will likely be at least 30-60 minutes, and subsequent sessions may be briefer.

For my work to facilitate breastfeeding, it may help for me to observe your baby nursing or bottle-feeding during the session. Please bring an extra receiving blanket if I will be working with your infant.

Baby Hand