Logo and Intentions


Brain_icon_whiteI bring my in-depth knowledge of brain and nervous system function and anatomy to every manual therapy session. After palpating the levels of tissue tension on your head and other parts of your body, I use my knowledge of anatomy to help me determine the body parts involved. Gentle techniques allow me to help you relax and normalize the tension in your body.

plus_icon_whiteNeuroscience and manual therapy are my areas of specialization. Bringing them together allows me to offer you a ‘plus’ experience, perhaps the most relaxing, most healing massage that you have ever enjoyed!

hand_icon_whiteI use my hands to provide gentle work to specific body areas to normalize tension, leaving you feeling great.


heart_icon_whiteWhen I provide therapy, I am offering it with pure spiritual love, symbolized by a heart.



Our body has a tremendous capacity to heal.

Healing happens more easily when bodies can relax deeply.

Healthy body tissues (muscles, connective tissue, blood vessels, etc.) are constantly in motion due to breathing, digestion, blood flow, etc.

When movement of body tissue is restricted, physical pain and/or limited physical function often results.

My goal is to release areas of tissue restriction. This may help relieve pain and improve function.