Manual Therapy



Manual therapy is an umbrella term for techniques using the hands to apply a directed force in order to improve mobility of body areas. Massage therapy is a type of manual therapy. As a licensed massage therapist, I limit my scope of practice to working with soft tissues, like muscle and connective tissue, and I exclude the use of high velocity manipulations.

My personal style is a blend of varied manual therapy techniques, primarily these:

Brain Curriculum (Chikly) – Goal is to ensure the function and neural connectivity of every part of the body using detailed knowledge of neuroanatomy.  Read more

CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger) – Aims to normalize the tension in the membranes that surround and cushion the nervous system in order to optimize the flow of nourishing cerebrospinal fluid. Read more

Visceral Manipulation (Barral) – Objective is to allow every tissue in the body to move freely to enable ideal function. Read more